3 Website Mistakes Specialists Must Avoid

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“Hey Dr. Jeff, I’m paying someone each month to take care of my website, but NEVER seem to get any patients from it. What do I need to do about it?”

The Dilemma

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that I get from specialists that are tired of paying monthly to “software gurus” for things like, “SEO” & “keywords” but NOT seeing any results.

What’s the point right?

I spoke with a new private client from the Northeast last week. During our strategic gameplan call, he informed me that he was paying a rather popular tech company that tends to typically market to dentists only for search optimization (I’ll leave out their name but you can probably guess who I’m talking about). He did NOT know what he was paying them monthly, but he did know that the results were paltry.


Most of the sites out there are nothing more than cookie-cutter look a like sites that do nothing but suck our pockets dry.

I’m NOT a Techie

First off, I’m by no way shape or form a “tech” guy. Don’t get me wrong, it did take a bit of time getting used to the technology that I’m currently delivering these blog articles to you. But other than that…. I can turn a computer on, dial up “Google” and dance around the web for what I am looking for. That’s about it.

Become a Category Authority

So, with anything that you do, you should keep in mind that the main focus is on positioning yourself as a “Category Authority.” Basically, pick an area you want to dominate  (i.e. implants, soft tissue grafting, laser sx, etc) and do everything you can to show that you are the expert in that area. Next month for our group coaching members, we will be having a training webinar  devoted to this topic as it takes a separate discussion to do it right.

3 Mistakes To Avoid 

  1. No Target – We hit on this briefly above. If you try to be everything to everyone (like MOST sites), you lose people. Here’s a perfect example. Let’s say someone out there is interested in learning more about dental implants as they are a denture wearer. Where do they go for information? Yellow pages? Nope? They reach into their pocket and dive into their smartphone, right? Next, this person goes to “Google” and searches for something like… “snap-on dentures” or “implant dentures.” They see 2 or 3 sites at the top of their screen that appeal to them. Next, they click on the top site as it states that they offer “snap-on denture implants.” They’re excited to learn more about this, but instantly disappointed as the link takes them to the “generic” home page where they now have to begin sorting through pages of procedures that they have no clue about just to find what they’re originally searching for. Guess what, 9 times out of 10, this person moves on to the next site. Without a specific area on your site that is linked to your ads OR without separate “squeeze pages” that provides content specifically for what consumers are searching for, you’re missing out BIG time.
  2. No Lead Magnet – Recent stats state (try repeating that phrase fast 5 x!), that only 1-3% of consumers that land on a site are ready to BUY NOW (or schedule for a consult for our purposes). So what about the other 97-99%. Here’s where most of us specialists go wrong. If people are searching for info, then give them info. You’ve trained the last 8+ years, it’s NOT that difficult to give them a 1/2 page check list of the “Top 5 Things They Should Know About Implants” or “The Truth About Implants”. If you don’t like to type, then use the new voice transcription that is free with Google Docs. Simply dictate in your computer’s microphone and Google will write for you. Easy enough. You have no reason not to give consumers what they want. Remember what Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want if you just help other people get what they want.”
  3. No Traffic – There’s nothing worse than paying for a nice, pretty, expensive website with NO VISITORS. What’s the point? If nobody sees you, what you can do or offer others, you’re better off taking that money and at least enjoying yourself (nice vacation maybe?)

**My goal is to educate you enough to not so much as learn how to do this yourself, but to know what to ask when you hire these vendors.

Website Audit

  • How’s your website doing with attracting patients?
  • How many leads are you getting a month via email or phone calls?
  • How many scheduled patients are you booked monthly?

Want some help with us?

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