Will You End the Year Strong?

Finish The Year Strong!

What are you doing to fill your schedule as the year’s end draws near?

Unfortunately, for most, NOT much.

Typically, most of us tend to start to slow down the end of the year.


A couple of reasons:

1. Consumers aren’t thinking about their teeth during the holidays. (No surprise there. They’re focused on Santa!)
2. Referring dentists typically slow down/travel and tend to refer less especially if they have a lower number of patients coming in.

In today’s video I discuss:
1. What we as specialists can do to end the year on a high note.
2. How to produce more in Novemeber & December than you ever have in the past
3. Exciting news about a Free upcoming training next week.


P.S. Mark your calendar for next Thursday, October 26 @ 8 PM EST (details coming soon). I’ll be teaching a FREE Workshop online for periodontists only that will highlight what we can do to transform into an Authority/Expert practice & attract more patients on your own without making your local dentists upset.

P.P.S: If you want to jump in and register, click here:


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