Top Customer Service Secrets I Learned From The Grand Cayman Ritz Carlton (Video Included!)

Guy Harvey in the Grand Caymans performing stingray research.

Customer Service Secrets For Any Periodontist To Put Into Practice Starting Today!

Hi guys,

Last week I splurged and took my beautiful wife on a birthday trip to the Grand Caymans.
I decided to use some of our office credit card Ritz Carlton points and opted to stay at the Ritz Carlton resort in the Caymans.
This place was amazing!
I didn’t want to be on the computer much while on vacation so I decided to shoot a quick (6 minute) video for you guys.
I was so IMPRESSED with the first 10 minutes of arriving at the resort that I decided to share the highlights in this week’s video.
In the video, I discuss:
  • A top notch customer service experience we had upon arrival
  • How to apply this and others to your perio practice
  • How to use this as to continue to differentiate yourself from general dentists
  • How to continue to become the Authority Practice
To Your Perio Success,
Dr. Jeff

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