3 Lessons I Learned From a Local McDonald’s Franchise Owner

In this week’s Perio Success Academy’s short, 3 minute video…I let you in on 3 lessons (or actually mistakes) I recently learned in my own perio practice from a patient that happened to be a McDonald’s franchise owner.

You can easily take these 3 lessons and incorporate them into your specialist practice as quickly as today.

Thanks for watching and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

To Your Perio Success,

Dr. Jeff


2 Comments on “3 Lessons I Learned From a Local McDonald’s Franchise Owner”

    1. Thanks Dr. Parkes!
      Actually, your staff is on fire. What I mean by this is a few months ago, I mystery shopped your office and a member of your team did so well with handling my objections, I felt “guilty” not scheduling an appointment. You have trained them well! Keep up the great work…..Jeff

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