Do You REALLY Think Reviews Can Make a Difference? (Case report)

Online Reviews

Do you think online reviews REALLY matter? 

Here’s a story from just this morning about how what other people say about you can make a HUGE difference.

Case Report

A 54 year old male was seen today for options for his teeth (what few he had remaining). He had only 3 root tips in the upper arch and #20-27 were broken off at the gumline.

I went through our “framework” to find out the real reason he was seeking treatment BEFORE I mentioned any options.

Past Problems

He informed me that he was held down by a dentist at the age of 9 to have teeth removed. As you can imagine, this has scarred him for life.

He’s only been to the dentist off/on since then to have a tooth or two removed. Severe dental anxiety was noted and taken into account.


After getting to know him a little bit and finding out what his current situation was, I next wanted to know exactly what he was looking for. He was tired of being embarrassed in public (people starring at his teeth) and his parents recently passed away and left him money. He wanted to use a portion of that money to fix his mouth and get it back to how it used to be. His parents had dentures ever since he can remember and his dad complained that food “never tasted the same”. He also wanted someone that offered in house IV sedation as this was one of the main reasons that he’s put off dental work over the years.

Importance of Reviews

When I asked him how he heard about us he stated, “I searched online for someone that could do extractions and implants. I was impressed that you were the only board certified periodontist in town. That’s real important to me. But even MORE important was the amount of people that you’ve helped and what they said about you online. Your reviews and website stood out head and shoulders above anyone else. So to come here and let you do my work was a no brainer for me.”

He scheduled for treatment which included removing all of this remaining teeth + 6 implants supporting an upper and lower denture.

Question to ponder….

Think about what you charge in your practice for something like this. Not a bad case, right? Now think about how you can share this case with one of your top referring docs.

In Control

Think about it…if you have cases like this coming in every week, you have now taken CONTROL of your practice. You don’t have to rely on others to support you and now you can in turn help support others.

I’d love to hear about how you are currently acquiring patients from sources other than general dentists. Leave your reply below to share with others.

Dr. Jeff



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